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eddsworld gem au
This is the story of 4 gems a lapis lazuli a sapphire a ruby and a pearl... long long ago on home world there was a rare green lapis lazuli was created for the purpose of serving his diamonds like any other gem, but this gem had noticed the cruelty towards other gems or so called "lower class gems" like pearls and rubies and  for years he has seen the torture of these poor gems and had decided enough was enough, and so that lapis lazuli started a rebellion the rebilons name were the crystal gems, lapis lazuli had started the rebellion  in secret waiting for the perfect chance to attack the diamonds, this lapis lazuli  was in love  with a sapphire a sapphire who would help lead the way to victory with his future vision along with his knight pearl the ho had the gift of a true knight and his gunslinger ruby and his intelligence and amazing aim...
and then there was a sapphire a quiet
and wise gem who's loyalty was to his     diamond blue diamond he had the p
:iconpixelz01:pixelz01 7 3
corrupted au chapter 1
Corrupted AU and story line/plot belongs to me pixelz01 [Pixelz01 on DA also]
All writing belongs to [Sinsatsu (WP) / Khemri (Archive)]. Dark themes are ahead.
Life went on, no matter what happened in the past. You can't change what happened, not even if you wished a million times. What's done is done. There was no going back. That's all anyone could do after what happened. The end. All those memories, false. A bunch of made up lies to cover up the gruesome truth. How can anyone move on? Time passed, the seasons changed, people changed. And here he was, stuck in the same looping thoughts.
Three years. Three god damn years, and yet he could not let go of the past. A feeling of regret, or guilt found it's way into his mind. Perhaps even anger, or resentment for that traitor. Burrowing a nest and slowly expanding to the rest of the human's mind. The same thoughts running through the blue eyeless man. How can the all be real? It was
:iconpixelz01:pixelz01 8 0
.: Eddsworld AU :.
This is the idea that each of the boys are god-like immortal leaders who have technically always been on Earth but have only recently made it known what they are.
It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where they are all divided into 4 sectors 
Sector A - Is Ran by The Red Leader (Tord)
Sector B - Is Ran by The Blue Leader (Tom)
Sector C - Is Ran by The Lilac Leader (Matt)
Sector D - Is Ran by The Green Leader (Edd)
And all of the leaders are immortal and very old (Much like the gems from Steven Universe)
Tord is 980 Years Old
Tom is 970 Years Old
Matt is 850 Years Old 
Edd is 375 Years Old
and according to their ages, the stronger their powers are. 
Take for example, Tom is a shape shifter and that is due to his age and power
and on the other hand Edd is considered a fledgling, because they are not really technically considered "mature" beings until they get past 600 years of age. 
Edd still has powers but they are not as damaging as say Tord's would be. 
:iconcatkinks:catkinks 10 1
Past and Future: END
The fortress was dark and empty, the sounds of the fight outside echoing and diminishing as they went on. It was haunting, and each of them felt a shiver creep up into them.
They glanced at their surroundings, paranoid of any threat about to descend on them. None more than the soldiers, who had to make sure every corner held no surprise.
The hallways were beautiful; polished black stone arranged in such strange patterns, artfully crafted tapestries hung from the ceiling and walls, suits of armor stood at full attention, brandishing medeival weapons. These statues caused everyone to walk in the center of the hallway as much as possible. It reminded them all of ancient royalty, with a king and queen and princes and princesses, but it stirred them to the reality that a great evil was here. And for Edd and Jon, a familiar evil.
The soldier's walkie talkie crackled, "Soldiers," F.Edd's voice came over. Everyone listened, "You know where to go. Once you reach the Nest, you'll need to leave t
:iconfalljoydelux:Falljoydelux 12 5
Past and Future: Part 6
For everyone except Mark, it has been a long, confidence-tearing, day. The kid assistants led them to their bunker (Max seemed quite happy to get rid of Matt and Tarret just seemed chipper). The bunker was heavily armored, a very tight space, had one cracked mirror, and five small cots with threadbare blankets.
"'s quite...tiny...?" Edd inquired
"Trust me, this is really big compared to the other soldier bunkers." Max corrected.
"The one me and Max share is half this size." Tarret, who normally looked chipper, now wore a long face. "Only kids invovled in the military in one way or another get that luxury. The ones in the Safey Houses hardly ever get to see their families. And plus, a bunker this big will hold ten people."
"So you all better be *censored* gratefull." Max spat.
Jon, as per usual, cowarded away behind Mark at Max's sudden outburst.
"Aw, c'mon." Tarret accused Max, "For one, they're new recruits, and two, how are you the mad one when I work under the one who spits a
:iconfalljoydelux:Falljoydelux 16 19
Past and Future: Part 3
The Toms didn't have to walk into the hanger to know what was happening: Future Jon was having a tantrum towards his past self, and making sure he spat and cursed while he was at it.
F. Tom sighed/groaned in nulled anger
"His past self is here five minutes, and he throws a tantrum his way..."
P. Tom looked up, the sign said "Hanger Alpha". At least now he knows where to go.
The large doors open, and the first thing he sees is P. Jon whimpering in the corner, tears streaking down his face.
F. Tom facepalmed.
"Jon!!" He called out to his partner, "Jonathan!" Now he's not happy.
"What?!" came the angry gravel voice of F. Jon from the jet right above them.
"Jonathan, I'm not going to mother you, get down here!!"
"Oh, you're not, huh?" F. Jon poked his head out from the cockpit, "Seems like you're doing a great job at th--"
"Will ya save your snappy comments and get down here?!"
"Yes, mother," F. Jon stood on a levitating platform that floated down
Tom had to stifle a giggle.
F. Tom groaned
:iconfalljoydelux:Falljoydelux 20 8
It Hurts Us Too
It Hurts Us Too
(Kindergarteners POV)
I love you so much, big sister! I love you this much! Can I play with you?
Big sister, what are you doing? I though Mommy and Daddy told us we couldn't play with the knives
I sneeked into your room after you left for that party, and I found some glass with red water on it. What
does that mean?
What are you doing, sister? That looks like it will hurt! You don't wanna hurt yourself, do you?
It's time for bed, and I went into your room so you could read me a story. You never do that anymore.
But I saw you were already asleep, so I covered you up with the blanket I had brought with me.
When I saw Mommy go into your room, I heard her scream. She should be quieter; She's gonna wake
you up!
I woke up early and saw some people carrying a small bed with a sheet over it. What do you think's
under it?
Mommy is getting me into some nice clothes. She's been really sad lately. Where are you? If you were
here, you could cheer her up
:iconspiritb0mb:Spiritb0mb 17 10
Popee + Kedamono :icondatweirdowholuvsmilk:DatWeirdoWhoLuvsMilk 80 4 Voices :iconflotts:Flotts 106 29
EDDSWORLD- MineCraft Mayhem
Edd clicks the left mouse button desperately, the zombie is persistent, and is already taking half of his hearts.  It is a great game, MineCraft.  Edd has finally gotten enough money to purchase it, and is slowly, but surely learning how to play.  Of course, there is no certain way to play MineCraft.  He had already played around with the creative mode, making a huge castle of his own, and is now trying the survival mode.  He has already been killed several times, the screen turning red with the phrase, "You Died!"  The mobs are just so hard to kill.  The battle he was now fighting has been lost, he quickly drags the mouse and presses the "Respawn" button, like he has done many times before.  He is determined, he is going to play until he gets it right, surviving, anyways.   Tom walks in, seeing Edd's frantic clicking.
"What are you doing?" He asks, holding a mug of vodka.
"MINECRAFT!" Edd screams as he slashes at another zombie, hopefully k
:icontrystaa:trystaa 11 50
" It's time." Edd said.
Yesterday was Friday, he had agreed with Eduardooooo that he would come to a " friendly" game night at their house on Saturday.  He forgot why he agreed.  So, today was Saturday, and he was grabbing his crew and heading over to Eduardo's with confidence in his steps.  He was going to beat Eduardo and his so called "gang", yet he'd call it a circus, at every game they played, no doubt at all.  He knocked on the door and waited.
" Do we HAVE to do this? I don't want to miss my appointment!" Said Matt.
" Who do YOU have an appointment with?" Asked Tom.
" Myself, I usually gaze at myself in the mirror at this time, and then I take myself to lunch, I'm such a charmer!" Matt smiled.
" Okay, here's the plan, WE BEAT THEM AT  EVERYTHI-
" *AHEM* Come on in you three, welcome to casa de Eduardo." Eduardo gestured his hands.
It wasn't much different than their house, but they didn't say a word, they didn't want to be rude.
" I used to take Spanish,
:icontrystaa:trystaa 26 39


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